Because I Had You – Shawn Mendes

I think it’s time that I be honest Should’ve told you not to go Thought I knew just what I wanted I didn’t know myself at all… 🎶

Sink In – Amy Shark

You never put your love in my brain just know I’ll know That I’m weighed down by your beautiful Collapsing underneath your perfect Drowning in your wonderful And I’m letting you sink in It’s almost unbearable I’m suffering inside your magic Love you something terrible And I’m letting you sink in 🎶

Never Be The Same – Jessica Mauboy

I wish that I could share a different point of view But the words coming out wouldn’t speak the truth You wouldn’t know what I was really thinking And I’d return to the girl who’s sinking Sinking down to the world that waits below And I don’t want to be there anymore Don’t want to…

Tough – Lewis Capaldi

And every day I’m reminded of The way I let it come undone And I feel like the lonely one, the only one With time worth wasting Well I still can’t stop chasing 🎶

Myself – Bazzi

I think I’m losing my mind Trying to stay inside the lines It’s like I’m running in place • I’m better by myself

Remember Me – Gavin James

And all of those midnight skies Swallowed up our childish eyes Everything we thought was a lie When we were young 🎶