All I Want – Stonefox

When the sight of the ocean isn’t enough And the pressure on your lungs is just too much Think of what you’ve got . It’s me

So Much Sky – The Temper Trap

Where there is so much sky In the distance is forever Where there is so much sky Where all the wild ones are born And heaven stretches on and on We run free we run strong So much sky

Gap In The Clouds – Yellow Days

All this time I was just running around A beautiful mind between those eyes I wasn’t looking, but oh I found A gap in the clouds, the sun comes out We’ll stay up all night, make you feel alright Oh life Oh life

When The Water Meets The Mountains – Lewis Watson

If it’s the end Then let’s see it out together We’ll fall asleep and never hit the ground . When the water meets the mountain And we can’t keep afloat Let’s let ourselves go under Someday we will all be ghosts When we can’t climb any higher ‘Cause we’re running out of rope Let’s let…