Let Me Down Easy – Paolo Nutini

We are broken by others
But we mend ourselves
We take comfort in strangers
But I don’t think it helps
If every fool were a clown
I would be a king and not a clown

I am constantly asked why I am so infatuated with music and it is because of people like Paolo Nutini. Every once in awhile you stumble across an amazing piece of artistry that is so captivating it momentarily erases all your troubles of the world. In that moment, the world becomes silent so the music can shine.


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  1. tomehuntress says:

    I just discovered this guy, I think two weeks ago, and I’m so hooked I’ve been bingeing on his videos in Youtube.

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    1. Thank you for sharing the love of Paolo Nutini! His voice is simply amazing. What is another song from him that you like?

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      1. tomehuntress says:

        And I thank you too. He’s the kind of artist who should be celebrated throughout the world. In a matter of hours, he became one of my fave artist. Oh my gosh, where to begin? I like all that I’ve heard. I’m so enamored of his music right now that I’ve made a post about his Iron Sky song. I think it’s brilliant.

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  2. Iron Sky is fantastic! I remember he covered ‘Recover’ by Chvrches for BBC Radio. Check it out if you have a chance. His version is very different but very good as well.

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  3. tomehuntress says:

    Have seen Nutini’s cover in the Live Lounge just this lunchtime. I prefer his version. It has more emotion in my opinion.

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